Our Goal Is

Avoiding wait times by waiting from home

This waitlist service makes sure your customers aren’t leaving due to long wait times. They’re able to spend that time at home playing an extra hour of video games, enjoying a nice coffee or even doing some much needed yard work. They’ll get an automated text when it’s their time to come in!

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What makes us different?

Automations around your waiting room

We make sure your customers are happy by helping them wait from home and come over once they’re next via SMS.

We Automate every step of the waitlist with automatic SMS messages helping your customer find out when to go. No one likes crowded waiting rooms, and Blismo is the solution to improve your atmosphere for your staff and customers.

How it works?

Signing Up

Customer signs up from home or in the shop from your website and gets a confirmation text.

Next In Line

When the customer is next in line to be served, they’ll get another automated message telling them to come in!


You can send them a survey or ask them to refer a friend!

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